Press Release: De Inga y Mandinga

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DE INGA Y MANDINGA: An Afro-Peruvian Tribute to Mixed Heritage – Music, Dance, Poetry
FOUR SHOWS: Friday December 7th, 10:30am (school matinée) & 7:30pm; and Saturday December 8th, 2pm & 7:30pm 2012 – Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center, 104 17th Avenue South Seattle, WA 98144.

SEATTLE, WA – (November 7, 2012) Monica Rojas, Doctor in Anthropology, artist and director of the DE CAJóN Project has dedicated the last 16 years to educating communities throughout the Pacific Northwest about the rich cultural contributions of the African descent population in her native Peru. On December 7th and 8th 2012 she will present a show called “DE INGA Y MANDINGA: An Afro-Peruvian Tribute to Mixed Heritage – Music, Dance, Poetry” at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center in the Central District area. Featuring local and international artists, this show is a bilingual English-Spanish multidisciplinary piece that explores Peruvian mixed-ethnic and cultural heritage from an Afro-Peruvian perspective. The word Inga is a Castilianisation of the word Inca – a reference made to Peruvian indigenous heritage. Mandinga, sometimes also referred to as Mandingo or Mandinka refers to the enslaved West African peoples who were brought to the Americas. “el que no tiene de inga tiene de mandinga (those who do not have indigenous blood have African blood) is a popular Peruvian say to explain that most Peruvians have mixed heritage” Rojas explains; “this show is an opportunity to honor our ancestors and our rich history that embraces indigenous, African and Spanish cultures.”

Among the guest artists from Peru at DE INGA Y MANDINGA are legendary Afro-Peruvian singer Marina Lavalle, instrumental in the resurgence of Afro-Peruvian music in the 1960’s; Miguel Ballumbrosio, 11th son of Peruvian treasure Don Amador Ballumbrosio, is a world renowned musician, composer and dancer; and Pierr Padilla Vasquez is a choreographer who belongs to one of the most respected Afro-Peruvian artistic and activist dynasties. Among the local artists this show will feature the DE CAJóN Band with Mark Oi (guitar), Francisco Orozco (guitar), James Hunter (bass), Taryn Webber (vocals/percussion), Jabali Stewart (vocals/percussion), Chugrad McAndrews (percussion), Jacque Larranziar (vocals), Iris VIveros (vocals) and Monica Rojas (music director/percussion/vocals). Dancers include Giselle Cárcamo, Victoria Castañeda, Kiana Harris, Richard Peacock, Anne Petersen, Syreeta Bernal and Giavonna White. The performance will also feature six young and special guests Gabriel and Camilo Cerna, Vincent and Patrick Toomey-Böttger, Thiago Cordova, and Carmela Stewart.

Tickets are for sale through Brown Paper Tickets or contact DE CAJóN Project at [email protected]
This event is a partnership with Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center and sponsored by the DE CAJóN Project, Seattle Parks and Recreation and The Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs.

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