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Education, 2009 - Present

Education is at the core of DE CAJóN Project's mission. Since its inception DE CAJóN has facilitated countless lectures, workshops, master classes, residencies, and film screenings.

DE INGA Y MANDINGA: An Afro-Peruvian Tribute to Mixed Heritage – MUSIC, DANCE, POETRY, Dec 2012

DE INGA Y MANDINGA, Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center, December 2012. Directed and Produced by Monica Rojas. A bilingual English-Spanish multidisciplinary piece that explores Peruvian mixed-ethnic and cultural heritage from an Afro-Peruvian perspective. DE INGA Y MANDINGA featured Seattle based DE CAJóN Company and International guest artists Marina Lavalle, Miguel Ballumbrosio & Pierr Padilla Vásquez

Marina Lavalle & DE CAJóN Concert, April 2012

DE CAJóN Project facilitated a concert featuring legendary Afro-Peruvian singer Marina Lavalle accompanied by the De Cajon Band. Club Sur, Seattle WA, April 2012

Seattle Atajo de Negritos, Dec 2011

DE CAJóN Project closed “The International Year for Peoples of African Descent” (2011) with the arrival of MIGUEL BALLUMBROSIO, who came to Seattle to teach and educate about the tradition of the Atajo de Negritos from El Carmen, Chincha, Peru. He led a dance troupe with members of the Seattle community. The atajo participated in a few community appearances including Mt. Zion, St. Mary and St. Edward churches, two community centers and private homes. Seattle, WA Dec 2011

DE CAJóN Project\'s Christmas Concert, Dec 2011

On December 2011 DE CAJóN Project offered a Christmas concert at San Fernando Peruvian Restaurant, Seattle, featuring special guest Miguel Ballumbrosio as well as Patricio Hidalgo and the Seattle Fandango Project

Echoes Afroperuanos, June 2011

Echoes Afro-Peruanos was a theater production that involved music, dance and poetry and featured international guest artists Peta Robles (musician) and Pierr Padilla Vasquez (choreographer) along with the DE CAJóN Project company. This was the central event of an all-day celebration for Afro-Peruvian Culture Day, UW Ethnic Cultural Theater, June 4th 2011

DE CAJóN Project & Museo Afroperuano, Zaña Peru, Feb 2011

In February 2011 DE CAJóN Project launched a fundraising effort to support the Museo Afroperuano de Zaña in Chiclayo, on the northern coast of Peru. With the money raised thanks to the contributions from the Seattle community the Museo was able to build a shelter they call \"la cabañita de la diáspora.\" This space is in use by community members and visitors to the museum, for multiple educational events such as percussion and dance classes, rehearsals, lectures, etc. Thank you Seattle!!