About Our Name

The introduction of the Peruvian cajón (wooden box drum) into Spanish Flamenco music in the 1970’s led to its globalization and subsequent local reclamation in Peru. This movement stimulated the Peruvian government to officially recognize this musical instrument as part of the nation’s cultural heritage (2001). The ongoing evolution of these events continues to convert the cajón into a symbol of Peruvian identity, both inside and outside Peru, effectively crossing geographical and cultural boundaries.

Not only is the cajón the seed of this project. The phrase “de cajón” is a strong reaffirming Peruvian expression meaning “for sure,” “rain or shine,” “without question.” Thus, the name “DE CAJóN Project” reflects the core instrument of Afro-Peruvian musical tradition and declares our certain commitment to and solidarity with Peruvians of African descent.

Gabriel Cerna, December 2011 – Photo: Angelica Macklin