DE CAJóN Project is a “glocal” effort. It is a perspective that challenges the local-global dichotomy. The project is a bridge between local and global efforts that promote the contributions of the African descent people in Peru. It uses the cajón (a Peruvian box drum) and Afro-Peruvian performance traditions as vehicles for the creation of educational opportunities, to unite efforts and empower artists and activists with similar goals both locally and abroad.

Like the cajón drum, this project has six sides or objectives:

Introduce community members to Afro-Peruvian art forms
Create awareness about the struggles, histories and contributions of Peruvians of African descent
Engage students of all ages in learning activities to develop music and dance skills

Redefine through performance the projection and reception of Afro-Peruvian imagery and iconography
Integrate the work of Afro-Peruvian artists and activists to transform representations of African descent people.
Perform Afro-Peruvian music and dance traditions for general audiences

Create opportunities for intercultural dialogue and discussion between international guest artists and community members
Build relationships with artists and activists dedicated to transforming communities through the arts
Partner with members of the African diasporic community to recognize shared histories and merge collective visions

Inspire accountability within and beyond the self
Strengthen the community capacity to creatively respond to social injustices
Facilitate processes of transformation through the recognition of inner power

Bridge local and global efforts that promote and educate about the contributions of peoples of African descent
Mobilize resources to support Afro-Peruvian community endeavors
Provide opportunities to reconnect Peruvians abroad with their cultural heritage

Catalyze educational and cultural consciousness
Heal from the traumas of historical oppression
Restore cultural pride

Our hope is for this project to extend beyond the cajón and the Peruvian experience. DE CAJóN Project seeks to collaborate with other groups who have similar strategies of using cultural symbols as a source of identifying power.